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Riverview Road in Huntly remains closed following slips

Huntly received 90 millimetres of rain yesterday over a two hour period, which resulted in several slips on Riverview Road.

“This was an extreme weather event,” says Civil Defence Local Controller Merv Balloch. “Usually you don’t see this kind of weather more than once every 100 years.”

There are several slips covering part of the road. Until it is safe to clear, the road will remain closed between 140 and 166 Riverview Road. 

A slip has damaged the back of a property at 160 Riverview Road. Based on geotechnical advice, the residents will not be able to return to their home until  further assessments have been carried out.  The family were allowed to enter briefly to remove essential personal property. 

“Unfortunately it’s currently too wet to undertake a thorough geotechnical assessment and it might be some time before it is sufficiently dry enough for the assessment to occur. In the meantime we  are providing support to the family. Their welfare is our priority.”

“Four other properties were affected. It has been assessed that three of those houses are safe for the residents to return to. One property still needs to have its foundations and sub-floor assessed prior to the occupants returning.” 

The road will remain closed to the public, although residents will be allowed to enter.  

“The forecast is for rain so we will continue to monitor the situation closely.”