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Smart Water interactive quiz a success at Waikato Home and Garden Show

Pictured: iPad mini winner Capril Mawston with her prize.
An interactive Smart Water quiz at the Waikato Home and Garden Show proved popular, with more than 950 people participating during the four day event earlier this month.

Smart Water coordinator Sally Fraser said the interactive quiz was all about seeing how much people knew about water efficiency labelling (water stars). With more than 950 people taking part including 111 young people, Ms Fraser said attending the event was certainly a success. 

People were asked what they thought the blue label was all about and only 39% correctly identified it as a water efficiency label.  Most people thought it was for energy efficiency, but immediately understood when explained that the blue one is for water efficiency and the orange one is for energy. 

“It was really interesting to hear from the public that they had never seen the water stars label.  Everyone was very familiar with the energy stars, but not the blue water stars label.  It was great to take this opportunity to increase the community’s knowledge about water efficiency labelling on products as people were browsing at the Home Show.”

“People were really interested in the statistics about how much water upgrading your stars can deliver.  For example, if you increase your water stars by 1.5 on a washing machine to 4.5 stars you can save 50 litres every time you put a load on. That’s a lot of water and a lot of power if you do hot washes.”

“The message of ‘the more stars, the more water efficient’ is simple and easy to remember so we hope this sticks with people when they’re choosing products so they can make sure they select items which use less water and save them money and water in the long run.”

All participants went in the draw to win an iPad mini. The luck winner was Capri Mawston of Hamilton. Capri said doing the quiz at the Home Show was fun and she learnt some things too. “I learnt it was important to have shorter showers to conserve water.” Capri’s family are now using the Smart Water four minute timer.

Young people wanting to take the quiz were tested on how much water they could waste by leaving the tap going when they soap up their hands, how much water a trickling tap wastes for a day and how much water they save by using the small flush button on the toilet.

Smart Water Starts with You! is as sub-regional summer campaign aiming to make long-term change to how we use water and is a joint venture between Hamilton City Council, Waikato District Council and Waipa District Council.