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Huntly library will remain cash-free

Waikato District Council’s new-look Huntly library and office will no longer take cash payments. This move will allow the Council to consider introducing cash-free operations across its district.

Chief Executive Gavin Ion says the library has not been taking cash payments for the past two months during a major refurbishment and very few people seemed to be affected.

“There are significant benefits to Council in operating a cash free environment. These include savings of time and money on managing security requirements, and freeing up our staff time to focus on engaging with customers in the library,” he says. “It means we can concentrate on building the library into a safe hub for community activities, which is what people tell us they want.”

The Council offers a full range of non-cash payment options from eftpos and credit card to online banking options - as well as free wi-fi at all its sites - and banks are able to assist their customers to set up payment options from their personal accounts.

Any customers still wanting to pay their rates in cash can go to any Postshop from 24 November to do so. Local retailers are already providing the Council’s refuse stickers for cash customers