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Raglan residents asked to boil water as town water supply is turned back on

Final update today: The water tankers will be at the Raglan Fire Station until 10pm tonight and will resume at 6am tomorrow for those that need it.

Please continue to conserve water and boil before drinking.

All town drinking fountains have been disconnected.

We will update you tomorrow morning unless there is a significant development.

3:45pm: Raglan, a reminder to only use water for drinking and boil it for a minute before you do so. Do not shower, do washing or flush the loo (only for number twos).

If you need it, a tanker is due at Raglan Fire Station on Wainui Road to distribute water from about 5pm today until 10pm and again from 6am tomorrow. We ask you to bring bottles and containers to fill with water from the tanker.

If you’re traveling home from Hamilton or elsewhere, we recommend that you take water with you or shower before you head home where possible. If you can find alternate accommodation or somewhere that has its own water supply, this is also advised.

Please stay vigilant overnight given the high risk of aftershocks.

2:18pm: Following a recent, strong aftershock this afternoon the Raglan water supply has been affected once more. The spring that supplies the water to the treatment plant is discoloured again so this will delay the water supply being turned back on.

Waikato District Council is asking Raglan residents to boil their water as a precaution. They also need to continue to conserving water.

If disruption to the spring continues, there is a real risk of running out of water in Raglan. If this happens, we will need to continue using tankers to transport water to fill the reservoir so it’s important that people only use water for drinking.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will provide an update if anything changes.

1:14pm: Waikato District Council now requires Raglan residents to boil their drinking water for the next three days.

The normally crystal clear spring that supplies the water to the treatment plant had turned discoloured, likely as a result of the earthquake. While the water that is currently in the reservoir is safe to drink, Council will begin to re-supply the water from the spring this afternoon and we are asking people to boil their drinking water for one minute over the next three days as a precautionary measure. 

This is on the advice from the Ministry of Health while further tests are being carried out. We believe the risk is low but this is a safety precaution to make sure everyone is kept safe.

In the meantime, we also urge residents to continue reducing their non-essential water.

We will keep you updated if anything changes on our website and on our Facebook page.