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UPDATE: Raglan water supply and road closure

Raglan residents are to be congratulated for conserving water in recent days, but they are being asked to keep going while Waikato District Council works to remedy the situation.

Following the 7.5 earthquake on Monday morning, the town’s water supply was affected.

Council have pumped approximately half a million litres of water into the Raglan reservoirs since yesterday morning to keep up with drinking water demand. This will continue until the water treatment plant can be turned back on once water tests come back. This could be a minimum of three days.

Residents are being asked to limit their water use. Very brief showers can now be taken, but please make sure these are short.

Council appreciates the efforts of Raglan residents in limiting their water use. “We continue to stress that if water use is not kept to an absolute minimum it may run out as we are unable to keep up with even a normal demand for water,” Waikato District Council Local Controller Merv Balloch says. 

All drinking water needs to be boiled for one minute before drinking. For more water saving tips, see below.

Raglan residents located on high ground may also be experiencing a drop in water pressure.

A tanker will be located at the Raglan Fire Station until 10pm tonight and again in the morning from 6am for those who require fresh drinking water. Please take bottles and containers to fill with water.

The collapsed culvert on Otonga Valley Road in Waitetuna has been initially assessed. These assessments indicate that the culvert has been significantly damaged.

A temporary bridge will be travelling to site this afternoon and will be craned in place as soon as possible to give access to affected families but work is progressing well.

Otonga Valley Road residents are meeting at the culvert this evening with Council staff for an update on the situation.

Other water saving tips:

  • Only hand wash your dishes
  • Hold off from using your washing machine
  • If you work away from Raglan take a shower and fill up extra water bottles before you leave if possible
  • If you can, stay with friends and family who have an alternative water source