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Road safety messages that stick

Safety messages that stick

Road safety is not a normal topic of conversation heard down at the pub, but a set of retro beer bottle stickers has sparked bar-room chatter of that nature in Raglan this summer.

Harbour View Hotel and Waikato District Council have come together to produce beer bottle stickers promoting responsible behaviour while consuming alcohol.

The stickers are placed on quart bottles prior to refrigeration and contain messages such as “Extra thirsty. Extra drink. Extra care. Have a sober driver.” and “Hot sun. Cold beer. Have a sober driver. Legend.”.

Harbour View Hotel owner Jeff Holloway came up with the idea because locals often buy quart-size bottles and tourists were asking questions about the size of them.

“I thought that seeing as there was talk being generated about the bottles, it would be worthwhile including something on them that would encourage thought and discussion about the importance of having a sober driver.

 “There has been great mileage and the labels have provoked considerable positive conversation among patrons at our establishment,” says Mr Holloway.

“I would recommend this form of promotion on a regional or national basis.”

Mr Holloway says his main supplier DB Breweries, and another supplier, Lion – Beer,Spirits & Wine NZ, are fully backing the promotion.

“The messages are non-discriminatory and clear and can only be seen as positive support by the breweries with no downside,” he says.

Waikato District Council road safety co-ordinator Megan Jolly recognised the potential of Mr Holloway’s idea and commissioned 7000 stickers for the summer.

She says Harbour View Hotel, and other licensed premises in Raglan have always supported Council anti drink-drive initiatives.

“It was great someone in the industry like Jeff has also identified a potential issue and come up with an idea to raise awareness,” says Ms Jolly.

“The idea seemed sound as it was getting the sober driver message across just prior to drinking taking place. The artwork by Hamilton company Bullzeye really hit the mark.”

Ms Jolly says a snap survey with hotel patrons confirmed the stickers were generating conversations. 

Mr Holloway acknowledged Ms Jolly’s support.

“She recognised the potential and brought this promotion to being in a very short timeframe prior to our Christmas holiday period,” he says.

Photo caption: Harbour View Hotel owner Jeff Holloway, left, and bartender Jacob Jespersen are pleased that the retro-style stickers on quart-size beer bottles are generating positive conversations.

For more information please contact:
John Brown
Communications Advisor
Waikato District Council
07 824 8633