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Come and join the Huntly Youth Action Group

Join the Huntly Youth Group

Waikato District Council and Huntly’s young people have started a new youth group and want more young people to come and join the fun.

A group of four well known Huntly locals have already stood up to the challenge and have become the youth leaders for this new crew. Their aim is to talk about problems affecting youth in their neighbourhoods and come up with great ideas to help their community.

The Huntly Youth Action Group is now recruiting young people from Huntly who are keen to participate and become part of this new crew. The group meet up fortnightly and are led by the youth members who talk about everything from domestic violence and youth suicide through to community events and projects.

The group was formed by Waikato District Council Youth Engagement Advisor Shannon Kelly and will have a youth representative who speaks on their behalf at the Huntly Community Board. They will attend this meeting monthly and let the community know about problems which impact youth. The youth representative will also work with the community board to learn skills in leadership and governance.

If you would like to join this group which will have fun running events and promoting youth in Huntly, don't be shy and contact Pheobe Comins at Huntly College or Logan Cotter at the Huntly i-Site, or Shannon Kelly on 027 405 6450. Sign up forms can also be found at Huntly College, Huntly i-Site and Huntly Library.

Members of the Huntly Youth Action Group, from left, China Timo, Shyann Timo, Waikato District Council Youth Engagement Advisor Shannon Kelly, Logan Cooter and Phoebe Comins.

For more information please contact:

Crystal Beavis
Senior Communications Advisor
Waikato District Council
07 824 8633