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Pokeno wastewater contract awarded to Fulton Hogan

A major milestone has been reached in the Pokeno Township Wastewater Reticulation Phase II project.

Waikato District Council has awarded the contract for the installation work of the wastewater system to Fulton Hogan.

A reticulated wastewater network will service the existing Pokeno township and any future development of the township.

In early 2014 an environmental assessment was commissioned in relation to on-site wastewater systems for Pokeno township.

The report recommended that full reticulation of Pokeno be implemented within five years to remove public health risks associated with ground disposal of wastewater from the residential area.

The award of the contract to Fulton Hogan paves the way for construction of the system to start on 18 April 2017.

The project will enable 121 properties in Pokeno township to be connected to a reticulated wastewater system.

There is a cost to connect but property owners that sign up before the construction phase begins receive a 50% subsidy.

 If they decide to sign up after construction they will have to pay the full cost.

With this in mind, Council will intensify efforts to consult with property owners in the next few weeks to ensure that they are aware that time is running out to take advantage of the subsidy.

Those property owners that do not choose to sign up will still be required to pay an availability charge which equates to half the annual targeted rate that covers operational costs of the wastewater system.

“We’re keen for property owners to sign up before construction work begins so that they are able to benefit from the 50% subsidy we’re offering,” says General Manager Service Delivery Tim Harty.

“We acknowledge it is a significant capital outlay for those property owners but a reticulated wastewater network is required for Pokeno township to mitigate any health risks associated with ageing septic tank systems.

“It will also cater for the rapid development currently being seen in Pokeno.”

Phase I of the Pokeno Township Wastewater Reticulation project, which services the commercial area of the township, was completed in 2014.

If any affected property owners require more information they should email


Pokeno Township Wastewater Reticulation Project Phase II – the reasons for doing it

  • Public health risks associated with ground disposal of wastewater are removed
  • Reduced public health risk from contaminated surface water
  • Removes operation and maintenance requirements from the homeowner
  • Servicing and maintenance undertaken by trained professionals as required
  • Enables future growth of undeveloped land within and adjacent to Pokeno township



Pokeno Township refers to the older section of Pokeno village based around Great South Rd that was present in the area before the extensive development of Pokeno Village Estate began in the town about five years ago.


How much will it cost property owners?

The total cost of connection to the wastewater system is $27,237. But if property owners sign up to connect before construction starts in their area they receive a 50% subsidy, equating to a cost of $13,619.

Property owners can pay three lump sum payments over one rating year or by way of annual instalments over 10 years, including interest.

What does that cost cover?

Connection to the new system; decommissioning of the existing septic system and reinstatement of the land to match the existing surface and a contribution towards public infrastructure to provide a reticulated wastewater system to Pokeno township.