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UPDATE 6.15pm - Severe weather and flooding around the district

A Civil Defence Centre is opening at Tuakau College, Elizabeth St, Tuakau, at 7pm for anyone who can't get home and needs a bed for the night.

Approximately 150 children will remain in Port Waikato overnight due to a large slip blocking the road in and out. The children who are in Port Waikato on school camp, are safe and at no immediate risk.

The Tuakau Bridge-Port Waikato Road will remain closed due to slips until further notice and we will assess the situation tomorrow morning.

A number of other roads will remain closed tonight following severe weather causing flooding and slips around the district.

With MetService predicting more heavy rain over the next 12 hours a Welfare Centre is being set-up at Ngaruawahia High School.

The centre has been set-up for residents who may not be able to access their homes on Waingaro Road and Glen Massey, Pukemiro and Glen Afton areas that also have limited access with Rotowaro Road closed.

The following roads are currently closed or partially closed due to flooding and/or slips

  • East Mine Rd, Huntly, reports of some flooding, caution required - new at 6.15pm
  • Te Puroa Rd, Ngaruawahia (one lane currently open) - new info 6.15pm
  • Brien Road, Wairamarama (at 2.7km mark) - new info as at 5.30pm
  • Old Mountain Road, Raglan (at 6km mark)
  • Waingaro Road, Ngaruawahia (currently open to one lane. Weather permitting)
  • Slater Road, Huntly
  • Rotowaro Road and Hangapipi Road, Huntly
  • State Highway 22 north of Glen Murray (at the 21.5km mark)
  • Waitetuna Valley Road, Te Uku
  • Tuakau Bridge - Port Waikato Road, Te Kohanga
  • Klondyke Road, Onewhero
  • Allen and Eyre Road, Tuakau (one lane)
  • Pheasant Close, Rotokauri (TBC)
  • Ponganui Road, Onewhero (one lane)
  • Pioneer Road, Pokeno
  • River Road, Tuakau

If residents have any questions about the welfare centre please phone 0278863875 or 0800495425.

Residents living alongside Waingaro Road, Hakarimata Road, River Road and Ngaruawahia Road adjacent to Waikato River or Waipa River need to remain vigilant overnight with a risk of flooding to their properties should more rain fall tonight. 

Should water levels rise overnight and threaten homes residents are urged to evacuate to higher ground.

We are also continuing to receive a number of reports of surface flooding and slips around the district. These reports are currently being investigated.

If you see flooding or storm damage please phone us on 0800 492 452. If life is in danger, always call 111.

Civil Defence have established an operations centre at Ngaruawahia and are working with local authorities, emergency services and local media to assess risks, provide advice and respond to the flooding.

You should:

  • Stay inside. Avoid driving unless absolutely necessary.
  • Drive with extreme caution if travel is essential
  • Bring your pets inside. Move stock to shelter. If you have to evacuate, take your pets with you.
  • Put your household emergency plan into action and check your getaway kit in case you have to leave in a hurry.
  • Secure, or move indoors, all items that could get blown about and cause harm in strong winds.
  • Close windows, external and internal doors. Pull curtains and drapes over unprotected glass areas to prevent injury from shattered or flying glass.
  • If the wind becomes destructive, stay away from doors and windows and shelter further inside the house.
  • Power cuts are possible in severe weather. Unplug small appliances that could be affected by electrical power surges. If power is lost unplug major appliances to reduce the power surge and possible damage when power is restored.
  • Have enough water available for at least three days.
  • Stay out of flood water as there is a risk of wastewater contamination and unknown hazards.
  • Call 0800492452 to report damage. If people or property are in danger always call 111.

Stay informed

Media contact:

Public Information Manager, Jacob Quinn
Phone: 027 509 8907