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Heritage and Tangata Whenua

heritage and tangata whenua

Tangata Whenua

Celebrating the district’s rich Maaori heritage will get a lot easier with the introduction of a stand-alone Tangata Whenua chapter in the Draft District Plan.

This change will assist in making papakaainga (housing and land development for Maaori on their ancestral land) more accessible and clearer.

All marae in the district will now fall under the Paa Zone, and Maaori Freehold Land will also be assessed in the same manner.

Through the Te Ture Whenua Act 1993, the Māori Land Court manages all Maaori Freehold Land provisions within the Draft District Plan.

Sites and areas of significance

Preserving the district’s significant sites and areas is also important.

New Zealand Archaeological Association sites have been reinstated into the plan and identified on maps. Provisions have been created for their protection and management. From that list, Council has also identified all the paa sites as Maaori sites of significance. Council encourages the public to check the schedule to see if any provisions affect them.

Built Heritage and Notable Trees

Historic heritage reflects the lives and work of former residents and contributes to the identity of a community or district.

The current schedules for Built Heritage and Notable Trees have been updated. Updates may show additions or deletions.  

Council encourages the public to check the schedules to see any changes and if any provisions affect them.