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Positive steps taken towards Huntly hall refurbishment

The Huntly community has indicated it wants, and would use, a refurbished Huntly Memorial Hall.

Results of the latest round of consultation have shown that 74% of the 251 respondents said they wanted a community facility in Huntly and supported the refurbishment.

There were a further 140 people showing their support for a refurbishment of the hall through the Long Term Plan consultation process.

The Huntly Community Board has endorsed the outcome of the consultation, so subject to adoption by Council next month, Council staff will work with a local community group over the next few months to plan how the work would be undertaken.

Huntly Ward Councillor Frank McInally and Huntly Community Board member Sandra Stewart have volunteered to be on this Community Project Group, alongside community members including Tony Perkins and Des Maskell.

There will be a lot of work needed to determine the overall cost of the refurbishment and to consider how the work might be phased.  Working with the community group means that all efforts will be made to make the impact of cost to ratepayers as minimal as possible.

However, there may still be an impact on the targeted rate paid by ratepayers in the catchment area of Huntly.

If an additional targeted rate is required a further round of consultation will be undertaken to advise ratepayers of the impact on their targeted rate. 

Ratepayers would have to agree to any increase prior to refurbishment works on the hall beginning. 

In the meantime there are funds available to carry out some minor work to the hall which will include treatment for mould, clearing foliage from trees, roof repair work and a clean-out of the gutters.

“Council is pleased that progress is being made in attempts to find a cost effective solution to re-open the Huntly Memorial Hall,” said General Manager Service Delivery Ian Cathcart.

“We appreciate the efforts of community members like Tony and Des to work with Council on this.  While we will look at ways the work can be completed to keep costs down, an increase in the targeted rate may still be required to complete the project.

“We urge the wider Huntly community to keep an eye out for the next round of consultation during which we will ask them if they are prepared to pay an increase targeted rate for the hall to help fund the refurbishment.”

For more information please contact:
John Brown
Senior Communications Advisor
Waikato District Council
07 824 8633