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Local Government Commission's decision on the Representation Review Process


Commission announces decision on representation arrangements for Waikato District Council

The Local Government Commission today announced its decision that largely existing representation arrangements for Waikato District Council will apply for the 2019 local authority elections.

The Commission has endorsed the decision of Waikato District Council that the existing arrangements of 13 councillors elected from ten wards, with some boundary alterations, will apply for the October elections. This is despite one of the wards not complying with the statutory fair representation requirement. This requirement is for the ratio of population to councillors for each ward to be within +/-10% of the ratio for the district as a whole.

The non-complying ward is Awaroa ki Tuakau Ward which will now include all the wider Mercer area including Mercer airport. This ward will still be represented by two councillors.

The Commission has also endorsed the council’s proposal for the retention of the five existing community boards including an extension of the area of Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board.

There were three appeals against the council’s proposal.

The Commission has agreed that the proposed arrangements, with some further minor boundary alterations, provide a good balance between both the fair and effective representation requirements set out in legislation.

The decision means that for the 2019 local authority elections, Waikato District Council will continue to comprise 13 councillors elected from ten wards as follows:


Ward Councillors
Awaroa ki Tuakau 2
Onewhero-Te Akau 1
Whangamarino 1
Hukanui-Waerenga 1
Huntly 2
Ngaruawahia 2
Newcastle 1
Raglan 1
Eureka 1
Tamahere 1


The determination is available on the Commission’s website: