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Waikato Mayoral Forum considers COVID 19 response

On Monday 30 March Waikato political leaders will meet via teleconference to discuss COVID 19 and its significant economic and social impacts on the region. They will focus specifically on how Waikato authorities can come together to kick start our economic recovery.

Chair of the Waikato Mayoral Forum, Waikato District Mayor Allan Sanson, said that collective projects that bolster the economy, after we come out of this situation, will be top of Monday’s agenda.

“We know we must be united when it comes to attracting Central Government investment, and that is what we will do,” he said. “However this isn’t just about relying solely on Wellington to get us moving, there is significant power in our region when we work together on local and regional initiatives.”

“There is no doubt we are all already thinking about what we can do to help support our local communities as issues around COVID-19 become more apparent and more serious.”

“I support a collaborative approach and like the virus we are fighting, our economic recovery will not be contained within electoral boundaries. We must turn our minds to what regional initiatives that we, as Local Government, should take – and that planning starts now,” he said.

The Waikato Mayoral Forum provides a framework for forming a united and cohesive ‘Waikato’ approach, which will be crucial in leveraging Central Government support for initiatives on behalf of the region.

Mayoral Forum members will work towards having clear priorities that all councils agree on, that are also supported by Local MPs, Iwi, and other key delivery partners.

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