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Council releases Pōkeno Public Realm Concept Plan

Council released its new Public Realm Concept Plan for the town of Pōkeno this week, which has been developed to support the rapidly growing residential community.

The high-level Public Realm Concept Plan brings together various projects within the town’s centre which aim to transform Pōkeno into a vibrant, people-centric community destination.

It supports existing and intended projects and plans such as the Long-Term Plan, Pōkeno Local Area Blueprints and the Waikato District Growth and Economic Development Strategy 2070.

Taking into consideration several pieces of work already being undertaken, the Public Realm Concept Plan enables better coordination of the natural (soft) and built (hard) environments within the public realm areas of Pōkeno, with emphasis on Great South Road and the town centre. 

The Public Realm Concept Plan also focuses on improving accessibility to the town centre for walking and cycling, the provision of a heavy traffic bypass, and guiding the development of streetscape upgrades to support and increase pedestrian activity.

Council’s General Manager for Community Growth, Clive Morgan, says that the Plan provides a programme that highlights the ongoing collaboration efforts to deliver various identified projects.

"Council acknowledges the importance of working with local stakeholders and existing community members and businesses to achieve the desired outcomes for the future of Pōkeno.

We are fortunate to have representation and input into the Public Realm Concept Plan from the Pōkeno Community Committee and Mana Whenua. This is imperative to retain and enhance the identity of the township,” says Mr. Morgan.

Council will continue to consult on projects referenced in the Public Realm Concept Plan, and delivery of existing and intended projects requires ongoing partnership. 

Visit the website to read more about the Concept Realm Plan.