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Connecting our district to Auckland and Hamilton through rail

Waikato District Council and its rail partners have undertaken a variety of works at the Raahui Pookeka | Huntly Railway Station over the past two years.

Focusing on improving the tracks, building a new rail platform and a new park and ride facility, the works enable connectivity to Auckland and Hamilton on the Te Huia passenger rail service.

The Raahui Pookeka | Huntly Railway Station’s location boasts an accessible commute option on Te Huia to Auckland Central, with stops in Papakura and Puhinui (near Auckland Airport). Passengers in the district can also take a trip south to Hamilton City with stops in Rotokauri (The Base) and Frankton.

In a recent survey conducted by Waikato Regional Council, 94% of passengers were satisfied with their trips, and 93% would recommend the service to others.

Waikato District Council Strategic Projects Manager, Vishal Ramduny, says the upgraded Raahui Pookeka | Huntly Railway Station will also help connect the future Sleepyhead Estate workforce at Ohinewai with Auckland and Hamilton. 

“The park and ride facility at the station will, in the near future, be able to accommodate a regular bus route which will offer added connections to Te Huia for residents of Huntly and surrounds,” says Mr Ramduny.

Mr Ramduny also indicated that Waikato District Council is working with Waikato Regional Council and Waka Kotahi to investigate how other communities can access Te Huia. 

“This is being done through investigating connector bus services to existing railway stations (Raahui Pookeka | Huntly and Papakura) and potentially another station located in our district in the future (the latter dependent on government funding),” he says.  

Passengers on Te Huia can enjoy the two-hour travel time into Auckland Central from Raahui Pookeka | Huntly Railway Station, taking in the beautiful scenery while making the most of the free Wi-Fi and the comfort of air conditioning.

Waikato District Council is also  relocating the historic Huntly Station building to the Raahui Pookeka | Huntly Railway Station, with the intention to have the move done by October 2022. The building will then undergo a makeover, including plans for a display museum and a new public toilet.


For more information, please contact:

Shelby Woodrow, Communications and Engagement Advisor