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Have your say on proposed targeted rate for gully restoration in Tamahere

A targeted annual rate for $1 per week is being proposed to help fund ongoing and future conservation work in the Tamahere gully network.

Local restoration group, the Tamahere Mangaone Restoration Trust has been tirelessly restoring and rehabilitating Mangaone, Mangaharakeke and Mangaonui gullies for over a decade. The work has been done on a voluntary basis with grants and donations covering costs.

The Trust has been supported by Waikato District Council since 2021 when a Memorandum of Understanding was signed and funding of $3,000 per year was agreed to.

In 2022, the Tamahere Community Committee, on behalf of the Trust, requested a targeted rate be put in place for the local community over the next five years to fund restoration works in the Tamahere gully network.

The annual targeted rate of $1 per week per property in the old (pre-2022) Tamahere ward area would be in place for five years. The rate would be reviewed before the end of the five-year period.

The money collected via the targeted rate would fund the Trust’s restoration works within Council land and reserves, or on land with public accessibility. Works would include gully restoration and maintenance, and community education and awareness.

The Tamahere walkway project, funded in the 2021-2023 Long Term Plan over multiple years, may also be able to be completed earlier than anticipated. Ongoing maintenance of the new plantings would be contracted to CityCare, the company Council contracts to maintain its open spaces.

Council is now calling for feedback on the proposed targeted rate. Anyone can make a submission and we encourage you to let us know your views. This feedback will be used during the decision-making process.

To have your say on this issue, please visit or email

Consultation is open until 7 May.