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Commercial lease opportunity: Whaaingaroa/Raglan Wharf

A commercial lease opportunity has become available at the Whaaingaroa/Raglan Wharf off Wallis Street.

Waikato District Council is now advertising an Expression of Interest (EOI) to understand the commercial interest!

The wharf is currently occupied by six other commercial lessees which provide a variety of goods and services to the community and visitors of Raglan. We want to hear from you if you think you are a great fit and can complement the Wharf and the other operators.

This lease, previously occupied by Youmans Capsules, has an open space floor plan with high ceilings and potential to support a variety of different enterprises.

See more specific information on lease terms and conditions below. 

Lease & building details

The available lease space is located on the eastern side of the wharf in the Council-owned building with a floor area of approximately 100m2.

The lease will have a base rental fee of $26,350 per annum. This rent was determined by a registered valuer in April 2023.

Key dates and details

Please submit your expression of interest by 11 August 2023.

Ensure your submission includes all required information as set out in the information section below.

We are looking for a lessee who will be the right fit for the Wharf and the Raglan community. Let us know you fit this description.

Expression of Interest – Required information and details:

Name of individual and/or company

Contact details (email and phone number are necessary)

Proposed service/goods

Description of your suitability/fit for the wharf and wider Raglan community

If you want to visit the site during this period please contact Council on the email below.

Council will consider the expressions submitted and may ask questions.

Council will enter into discussions with any successful submitter.

How to submit your Interest

Please submit your expression of interest by 11 August 2023.

Email your submission to or:

Post to Waikato District Council, Private Bag 544, Ngaruawahia 3742, New Zealand.

Lease terms and conditions

Term – An initial term of 3 years with a further right of renewal expiring on 01 April 2030 (circa 3 years 11 months) will be granted. This term has been chosen to align this lease term with the other wharf leases.

Shared facilities – The lessee will also be required to contribute to the maintenance and cleaning of the shared facilities. These costs and other outgoings will be apportioned across the Lessees based on their Lease footprint (sqm). 

Other costings – The lessee will also be required to cover other outgoings including rates and their own water and electricity usage.

Maintenance – The lessee will be required to maintain and keep in good repair the interior of the building and installation of any additions. Council will be responsible for the maintenance of the building exterior. 

Privacy information

All information provided in your submission is subject to the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act. This means that your submission may be subject to release if requested under that Act unless protected by the Privacy Act.