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More than 40 Councils affected by consenting concerns - information for our customers

Waikato District Council is reviewing building consent and compliance documentation, after being notified of allegations against a member of Engineering New Zealand

It is alleged that some building consents may have been improperly signed off by the Engineering New Zealand member using other people’s identities and credentials without their permission.  

Here is some information for homeowners or builders/designers, who may have concerns. 

Does this affect building consents in the Waikato district? What is Waikato District Council doing to identify impacted properties? 

Waikato District Council is currently investigating. We are working to understand the numbers of consents that are involved. As stated by Engineering New Zealand, the potential impacts are specific to each case. Until we have completed our investigation, we are unable to confirm the number of consents which may be impacted, or potential actions which may be required. 

We will work through this as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and understanding. 

What will happen if my property is affected? Will I be contacted? 

We understand this issue might cause concern for people who think they may be affected. We are carefully working through this process so we can contact any affected property owners and building parties directly, as soon as possible. 

Once our investigation is complete, and we understand the scope of the issue, we will be in a position to contact the affected property owners.  In the meantime, if you have any concerns, you can contact us on 0800 492 452.  

Please note that anyone with a property that pre-dates 2016 will not be impacted.