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Enhancing Connectivity: Proposed Railway Station for Northern Waikato

Let's go on a journey together – the Upper Northern Waikato Railway Station project is a team effort involving the Waikato District Council, Waikato Regional Council, and Waka Kotahi. What's the mission? To create a new train station in Tuakau and maybe even in Pookeno. The goal is to make using public transportation simpler and to handle the area's growth smartly.

The aim is to offer people in Tuakau, Pookeno, and nearby spots better travel options. After giving it some thought, the idea is to have a station in Tuakau within the next three to five years. They're also thinking about having one in Pookeno.

This exciting train station idea fits into a bigger plan – joining the northern Waikato area with the lively Auckland train network. This plan wants to make it easier for more people to move around, especially as more people are expected to come live here in the coming years.

It's important to know that when the Waikato District Council said yes to the plan on 28 August 2023, it was a significant step ahead. But, remember, saying yes to the plan doesn't mean they're ready to build it right now. The next step is to dig deeper into the plan using and develop a Detailed Business Case. This helps them understand exactly where the stations should go and what it all means.

The project understands how important it is to talk to the local community, people who use the train, and businesses. They want to keep everyone in the loop about how things are going, when things are happening, and also get your thoughts.

As we move ahead with the Upper Northern Waikato Railway Station project, we're making travel better, helping our area grow, and making sure everyone's connected. Step by step, they're looking at how things will work to make this idea real.

Together, we're making a big change to make travel better and build a brighter future for Northern Waikato.