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Report issues through the Antenno app

We’ve signed up to Antenno, a mobile app that makes it easy for people to report issues.

You can use the Antenno app to tell us about things that need our attention, like potholes, graffiti or broken streetlights. Antenno is free to download and use.

As well as Antenno, people can continue to report issues via our website, by phoning 0800 492 452 or at our libraries and offices.

How to download Antenno

You’ll find information about how to download Antenno here.

Benefits of the app

It’s easy to use

You can report any type of issue against the set categories.

The Antenno app does not ask for any personal information or login details, so it's really quick and simple to use. For many, using the app will be preferable to phoning us or filling in a form on our website.

You can include photos and location

When you report an issue on Antenno you will be able to include the GPS location. You also have the option of including photos. Your report can be initiated offline and sent later, which makes it easy when you don’t have any mobile data available.

You don’t need to know which Council is responsible

Another benefit of the app is that you don't need to know which council is responsible for a particular place, or type of issue. This makes it easy to report an issue, even if you don’t know who you should tell. E.g. if you are passing through a town and see something that needs to be addressed. Antenno will direct the request to the relevant Council based on the location and type of issue.