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Waikato District Council celebrates progress and resilience in 2022/23 Annual Report

Waikato District Council has announced the release of its 2022/23 Annual Report, reflecting on the significant accomplishments it has achieved in the face of challenges.

Waikato District Mayor Jacqui Church says "The Annual Report is not only a legal requirement it is our opportunity to have a personal conversation with you. We want to inform and highlight to you our community, our progress on the project that you consulted with us through the Long-Term Plan, our financial standing, and the impact of community initiatives.”

Despite both economic and weather-related challenges, the Council has maintained its resilience by focusing on delivering programs that enable communities to be liveable, thriving, and connected.

Showcasing its dedication to community safety, this year Council has enhanced natural spaces and completed significant projects such as the Te Awa River ride and the Whaaingaroa Wharf Upgrade in Raglan, as well as prioritising transport infrastructure improvements through road safety enhancements and a new Traffic Bylaw.

"We are dedicated to exploring fresh ideas and delivering on our commitments. At the same time we remain focused on ensuring that our road maintenance, water infrastructure and the everyday activities like rubbish collection work. While the cost of living is challenging for us all, we’ve been diligently working to maintain our levels of service within our agreed budgets. The year ahead is a time for growth, positivity, and working closely with you in our communities seeing what future investment looks like. In short, we are genuinely excited about the upcoming year" Mayor Church says.

In the face of transformative changes, including the election of a new Mayor and 13 Councillors, with nine Councillors being new, the Council remains committed to promoting community inclusion and resilience.

"Our community's hard work has made a difference during challenging times. We teamed up with local leaders and groups and focused on talking and working together with different community sectors, forming partnerships like the Rural Economic Advisory Panel. This helps us improve how we do things and supports our communities. It's all about making sure everyone thrives - rural, urban and lifestyle!"

“We're all about finding smart, budget-friendly ways to provide our services while remaining dedicated to supporting our communities needs efficiently," says Mayor Church. 

For more information, including detailed financial statements and key achievements, please refer to our Annual Report, available on the Council’s website.