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Rating valuations update for Waikato district ratepayers

There is a delay in the release of the latest rating revaluation data from QV for every property in our district. The Office of the Valuer General (OVG) has asked QV to do some more work on the valuations for our district as part of the independent audit process. While this delay is outside our control, we anticipate that the new rating valuation data will be available from 5 June 2024, subject to the completion of the audit process.

Ratepayers can expect to receive new rating valuation letters in the post starting from 12 June 2024, with the objection period extending through to July 2024. These valuations are crucial as they underpin the general rates for the upcoming year starting 1 July 2024.

We rely on QV to provide an independent valuation as required by legislation, which both the Waikato Regional Council and the Waikato District Council use to determine rates.

If you have any objections to your property valuation, please visit the QV website for the rating valuation schedule and instructions on how to lodge a formal objection.