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Extra generators ensure Raglan water supply and wastewater service continues

Watercare staff have worked through the night to ensure the network and treament plants continue to operate in Raglan during the extended power outage.

There has been a generator at the Raglan water treatment plant since last night.

The wastewater treatment plant has been unable to discharge but has had sufficient storage to manage the outage so far.

Based on the extended nature of the outage, two generators are set up at the Raglan wastewater treatment plant to ensure treated wastewater is discharged as normal on the next outgoing tide.

The first generator will power the UV discharge, and the second will power the plant's inlet screens. This will ensure the plant continues to operate throughout the incident.

Generators have been located at critical pump stations over the last 18 hours and were relocated as needed.

WEL Networks have increased generator power for overnight in Raglan but there is not an indication on how long it will take to restore full power yet.

So, the number of generators and sucker trucks at the 24 pump stations in Raglan has been increased to stabilise the network and manage the situation.

There have been several small overflows from some pump stations, which have been addressed quickly.

The Waikato Regional Council incident response team has been notified, and signs have been put out to urge the public to avoid collecting shellfish for the next couple of days.

Resourcing plans have been created to manage the impact on staff availability for the extended outage.

A refueling plan for the generators is being implemented with our contractor to ensure there is no interruption to the generators.