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Waikato district progress election results

Progress election results indicate that Allan Sanson will likely be elected/re-elected as Waikato District Council mayor.

Progress results are showing a greater voter turnout at the 2019 Waikato district election than that seen at the 2013 and 2016 elections (about 30%).

Progress results are:


HAWKINS, Korikori       2858 votes

SANSON, Allan       9040 votes

THOMSON, Simon       1764 votes

Awaroa ki Tuakau Ward

CHURCH, Jacqui       1611 votes

HENDERSON, Stephanie      1254 votes

NGATAKI, Kandi       639 votes

Hukanui-Waerenga Ward

LOVELL, Howard       445 votes

WOOLERTON, Chris     589 votes

Onewhero-Te Akau Ward

EYRE, Carolyn       608 votes

MAIN, Bronwyn       315 votes

Raglan Ward

AMOORE, Dennis       228 votes

HOLL, Matt     136 votes

THOMSON, Lisa      895 votes

Huntly Ward

LYNCH, Shelley       1192 votes

MCINALLY, Frank      926 votes

MOANA-TUWHANGAI, Maxine       700 votes

ROSOMAN, Bill       286 votes

Eureka Ward

GOODWIN, Elizabeth       463 votes

MCGUIRE, Rob      703 votes

Newcastle Ward

JONES, Kawena       443 votes

SMITH, Noel       996 votes

Ngaruawahia Ward

GIBB, Janet       1086 votes

KIRKWOOD, Rongo      816 votes

PATTERSON, Eugene       1252 votes

Jan Sedgwick (Whangamarino) and Aksel Bech (Tamahere) were both elected unopposed.


Community Board progress results are as follows:

Huntly Community Board

BREDENBECK, Kim       884 votes

CORK, Rewi      612 votes

*MCCUTCHAN, Greg      556 votes

MCINALLY, Frank       733 votes

WAWATAI, Eden       805 votes

WHYTE, David       604 votes

WOOTTON, Red      940 votes

Greg McCutchan will be elected to the Huntly Community Board if Frank McInally is re-elected to the Huntly Ward.

Ngaruawahia Community Board*

Jack Ayers

Dianne Firth

Rongo Kirkwood

Kiri Morgan

Venessa Rice

Greg Wiechern

*elected unopposed

Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board

CONROY, Caroline       1039 votes

JACKSON, Shaun      1106 votes

LOVATT, Jonathan       879 votes

MCGRATH, Liam     764 votes

NELSON, Graham       531 votes

NGATAKI, Kandi      806 votes

REEVE, Vern      879 votes

WATSON, Bronwyn      909 votes

Raglan Community Board

AMOORE, Dennis      484 votes

BAINS, Satnam       674 votes

CULLEY, Marcus      468 votes

MACLEOD, Bob       589 votes

OOSTEN, Tony      506 votes

PARSON, Gabrielle       634 votes

RAYNER, Chris      460 votes

VINK, Alan      357 votes

Taupiri Community Board

COCUP, Sharnay       52 votes

HENRY, Jacqueline     44 votes

LOVELL, Dorothy      62 votes

LOVELL, Howard       77 votes

MORLEY, Jo       26 votes

PECEKAJUS, Jo      26 votes

RICHMOND, Anne       28 votes

VAN DAM, Rudy      51 votes

Te Kauwhata Licensing Trust*

Ross Caird

Alistair Cullen

Gerald Wayne Jackson

Jo Mako

Pip Prattley

Mohan Singh

*elected unopposed

Full results can be found at Preliminary results are expected tomorrow morning. Final election results will be declared by Thursday October 17, 2019.

For more information please contact:
Teresa Hancock
Senior Communications & Engagement Advisor
Waikato District Council
027 706 5776