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New Te Kowhai toilets

Construction of a new public toilet facility in the Te Kowhai Village Green.

The Te Kowhai project includes two toilets, the installation of an AES dispersal field, two shelters for rainwater collection and tanks for water storage.

All infrastructure has been appropriately sized to allow for future growth and the installation of an additional modular toilet. 

Our aim is to provide convenient and hygienic toilet amenities for visitors and residents alike, enhancing the overall experience at the village green.

Project Update

February 2024 - Offsite construction of the toilet block is now completed and the block is onsite.  The path is ready for concrete to be poured the first week of February 2024.  Power installation by Well Network has been requested and expected to be completed by end of February 2024.

The project is nearing completion and due to be finished off in the next 2 weeks. 


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February 2024