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Rotowaro Road Closure

A twin pipe culvert under the road between Bush Tramway and Hangapipi Roads is unsafe. It needs to be replaced urgently to avoid major issues with the road, as well as longer-term inconvenience to you as regular users of Rotowaro Road.

To fix the problem, the current culvert needs to be removed and a new culvert built in its place. To do this work Rotowaro Road will be closed for a period of two weeks from Monday 18 April through to Monday 2 May 2016 (weather permitting). After that time we expect to open the road to one-way traffic.

Depending on the weather, all work on the road and culvert is expected to take a total of one month, after which use of the road should return to normal.

Timing of the road closure has been selected in part to avoid issues with the local school bus runs during term time. Local and regional emergency services – ambulance, fire and police – have been notified of the closure and will factor it into any request for their services during that time.

We appreciate this temporary closure to your local road will be inconvenient to both residents and other road users however it is necessary to maintain a safe working environment for road users and those doing the work. Every effort will be made to complete the new culvert, which has been designed to lessen the impact of winter flooding, as quickly as possible.

During the closure we recommend using a Rotowaro Road – Waingaro Road – Great South Road detour route (see map) when travelling to Huntly. A further 25 – 30 minutes should be factored in those travel plans.

Thank you for your patience and support. This is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns about the work please phone 0800 492 452.