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Proposed temporary road closures: Targa NZ 2020

Notice is hereby given that Waikato District Council, for allowing Club Targa Inc to hold the Targa New Zealand 2020 tarmac rally, proposes to temporarily close a number of roads in the Waikato District on Saturday 17 October and Sunday 18 October.

The proposed roads and times for these closures are:

Saturday 17 October 2020

Pinnacle Hill Rd (Bombay) – 7.35am – 12.05pm

Highway 22 (from intersection with Logan Rd to intersection with Glen Murray Rd) – 8.35am – 1.05pm

Glen Murray Rd – 8.35am – 1.05pm

Plantation Rd (Te Kauwhata) – 10.10am – 2.40pm

Churchill East Rd (Te Kauwhata) – 10.10am – 2.40pm

Hall Rd (Te Kauwhata) – 10.10am – 2.40pm

Island Block Rd (Meremere) – 11.55am – 4.25pm

Coalfields Rd (to intersection with Kopuku Rd) – 11.55am – 4.25pm

Kopuku Rd – 11.55am – 4.25pm

Koheroa Rd (from intersection with Kellyville Rd) – 12.35pm – 5.05pm

Kellyville Rd – 12.35pm – 5.05pm

Monument Rd (from intersection with Findlay Rd, Maramarua) – 1.15pm – 5.45pm

Findlay Rd – 1.15pm – 5.45pm

Sunday 18 October 2020

Storey Rd (Waiterimu) – 11.40am – 3.10pm

Waiterimu Rd – 11.40am – 3.10pm

Waikare Rd – 11.40am – 3.10pm

Rotowaro Rd (from Weavers Crossing Rd intersection to Waikokowai Rd intersection) – 12.45pm – 5.15pm

Waikokowai Rd – 12.45pm – 5.15pm

Hetherington Rd (from Waikokowai Rd intersection to Rotongaro Rd intersection) – 12.45pm – 5.15pm

Rotongaro Rd – 12.45pm – 5.15pm

Hunt Rd (Pukekawa) – 2pm – 6.30pm

Kauri Rd – 2pm – 6.30pm

Wairamarama-Onewhero Rd (from Kauri Rd intersection to Kohanga Rd intersection) – 2pm – 6.30pm

Kohanga Rd – 2pm – 6.30pm

For the proposed period of closure the roads would be manned at intersections by clearly identifiable marshals equipped with radio communication and access will be provided in the event of an emergency.

Any person wishing to object or support the proposal should lodge their feedback by email to by 5pm, 21 August 2020, or in writing to: Targa New Zealand Proposed Road Closures, Waikato District Council, Private Bag 544, Ngaruawahia, 3742.

This notice is given pursuant to the Tenth Schedule of the local Government Act 1974.

G J Ion

Chief Executive