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Proposed Waikato District Plan – Decision Notification – Raglan Landward Navigation Beacon

Pursuant to clauses 10 and 11 of Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (“RMA”), Waikato District Council gives notice that on 31 July 2020 the Independent Hearings Panel made its decision on the provisions and matters raised in submissions on the Raglan Landward Navigation Beacon (“Decision”) in the Proposed Waikato District Plan (“PDP”).

All persons who made a submission on the PDP have been sent a notice of the Decision pursuant to clause 11 of Schedule 1 of the RMA.

Inspection and availability of the Decision
The Decisions version of PDP Rule 16 and Appendix 7 (Raglan Navigation Beacon) will be available for public inspection online at and in Waikato District Council offices and libraries from 25 January 2021. A copy of the Decision is also available upon request.

Appeals to the Environment Court
Any person who made a submission or further submission on the Raglan Landward Navigational Beacon in the PDP may appeal to the Environment Court in accordance with clause 14 of Schedule 1 of the RMA.

Any appeal must be in the prescribed form, lodged with the Environment Court and served on Waikato District Council within 30 working days of service of the Notice of Decision. Furthermore, within 5 working days of lodging an appeal, you are required to serve a copy of your appeal on every person who made a submission on those provisions or matters to which your appeal relates.

A list of submitters’ addresses for service can be found on the Waikato District Council website. More information on the appeal process can be found on the Environment Court’s website

This notice is given under Clause 10(4)(b) of Schedule 1 of the RMA on 25 January 2021.

Yours faithfully

Gavin Ion