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Public notice of intention to sell abandoned land

TAKE NOTICE that the Waikato District Council (Council) intends to exercise its statutory powers under s77 of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 to apply to the District Court not sooner than one month after the date of this notice for orders:

  1. Declaring the land described below (Land) to be abandoned; and
  2. Authorising the Council to sell or lease the Land.


Property address

Record of Title

Legal description

Registered owner

13 Joseph Street, Pukemiro

SA347/89 and SA443/185 (South Auckland Registry)

Lot 14 DP 8585, Pt Lot 13 DP 8585

Maxwell Bernard Machen

Wrights Road, Te Uku

SA399/83 (South Auckland Registry)

Section 174-175 Parish of Whaingaroa

James Belcher

140B Bluff Road, Pokeno

NA945/35 (North Auckland Registry).

Allotment 3 Section 2 Village of Havelock

Alexander MacDonald

140A Bluff Road, Pokeno

NA945/36 (North Auckland Registry)

Allotment 1 and Allotment 3 Section 9 Village of Havelock

The New Zealand Land Association Limited

140C Bluff Road, Pokeno

NA945/38 (North Auckland Registry)

Allotment 1 and Allotment 3 Section 10 Village of Havelock

Alfred Ashton

160 Bluff Road, Pokeno

NA765/85 (North Auckland Registry)

Allotment 4 and Allotment 8 Section III Village of Havelock

Annie Clifton Firth

Market Street, Pokeno

NA750/300 (North Auckland Registry)

Lot 18-20 Section 17 Township of Pokeno

Margaret Muir

McGill Road, Pokeno

NA945/65 (North Auckland Registry)

Allotment 285 Town of Pokeno

Thomas Labrum

The Council has the power to make this application because the rates for the Land have not been paid to the Council for three years or more and the ratepayers for the Land are either deceased and have no personal representatives or cannot be found.

If you have any interest in the Land or any information that is relevant to the proposed application by the Waikato District Council, please contact Colin Bailey on 0800 492 452, email:, Private Bag 544, Ngaruawahia 3742.


Dated 3 June 2022