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Our Vision

Liveable, Thriving and Connected Communities

He noohanga aahuru, he iwi whai ora, he hapori tuuhono tahi

Our Vision and Community Outcomes set the goals we want to achieve in everything we do. We have refreshed our vision to embrace the growth and changes we face.  Our vision is that we work together as a district to build liveable, thriving and connected communities as our district grows. 

Liveable communities are well-planned and people-friendly, providing for a range of quality residential options, social infrastructure, walkways and open spaces.  They reflect what’s important to people, and support a shared sense of belonging both to the local community and the wider district.

Thriving communities participate in Council decision-making and community-led projects, provide input into the management of their local assets, and sustain the local business sector providing local employment.

Connected communities have fit-for-purpose infrastructure to create liveable, thriving communities.  Connectivity through roads, cycleways, walkways and digital capabilities enable rapid information sharing and engaging in activities together.  By these means, people in connected communities access services and amenities that meet their social, health, education and employment needs.