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Application to remove flow restrictor

Should you have any questions regarding this form please call 0800 492 452 or email


Street address of property

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The flow restrictor will be removed for a maximum of four months from this date.



  1. Flow restrictor removal cost can be viewed here or you can contact council for more information. 
  2. All consumption through the meter is the owner’s responsilibility. This will be charged to the owner and is separate to the flow restrictor removal cost.
  3. The flow restrictor is removed to provide full flow water while a storage tank and pump equipment is installed on the property.
  4. The minimum capacity of tank required should be 22,000L or to provide 48 hours storage, whichever is greater
  5. The flow restrictor will be installed at the end of the four month period, regardless of whether building on site has been completed.
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