Ngaa Puka

Below you will find all other forms which you can download and complete.

Can't find the information you need? Please contact us. All building-related forms are now on the Build Waikato website.

  • Alcohol licensing

    • Application for club licence pack

      Apply for a new or renewal of a club licence.

    • Application for managers certificate

      When alcohol is being sold or supplied on licensed premises a manager is required to be on duty. Complete this form to apply for a managers certificate.

    • Application for off-licence pack

      Apply for a new or renewal of an off-licence.

    • Application for on-licence pack

      Apply for a new or renewal of an on-licence.

    • Application for renewal of managers certificate

      Apply to renew your managers certificate.

    • Application for special licence – Premises

      Apply for a special licence.

    • Application for temporary authority

      Apply for a permit to continue the sale and supply of alcohol for a period not exceeding three months.

    • Application for variation or cancellation of conditions of licence

      Apply for a variation or the cancellation of conditions to do with your licence.

    • Notice of management change

      Complete this form if management changes. For example the appointment of a new manager, temporary manager or acting manager and if a manager leaves or changes position.

  • Animal control

    • Application for name and address of registered owner of dog

      Apply to get the name and address of a dog owner. Note: there are only a limited number of reasons this can be granted as per the Dog Control Act 1996.

    • Application for permit to keep more than two dogs

      Complete this application form if you would like to have more than two dogs on your property.

    • Application for property inspection

      Apply to become classified as either a selected dog owner or a farm dog owner.

    • Application to microchip dog

      Apply to microchip your dog.

    • Application to register a dog

      Apply to register your dog for the year.

    • Application to register multiple dogs

      Apply to register more than one dog for the year, either a new application, registration transfer, replacement tag or renewal.

    • Application to release impounded stock

      Apply to have stock released from being impounded.

    • Breeders notification of placement of pups

      Fill in this form and lodge it with Council when all pups have been placed with new owners.

    • Dog maintenance form

      Complete this form if there is a change in dog ownership, address within the Waikato district or the dog has died. Also use this form if you’re requesting a refund, or your dog no longer resides in the Waikato district.

  • Cemeteries

    • Application for issue of burial warrant

      Apply for a burial warrant.

    • Application for monument permit

      Apply to carry out monumental work in the district’s cemeteries.

    • Reservation of burial plot

      Reserve a burial plot in one of Waikato District Council’s cemeteries.

  • Events

    • Reserve event application form

      Use this form to book a reserve for an event. A bond will be required to get keys to the reserve. Your bond can be refunded after the reserve has been inspected and the keys returned.

    • Reserves and key bond form

      Use this form when submitting a bond to book a reserve and secure keys.

    • Reserves and key bond refund application

      Apply to have the bond you pay when booking a reserve refunded.

  • Food premises

    • Application for mobile shop licence

      Apply for a mobile or travelling shop licence under the Public Places Bylaw 2008.

    • Application for registration Food Act 2014

      Apply for registration under the Food Act 2014. Note: complete this application along with the scope of operations.

    • Application for registration of premises

      Apply to have your premises, such as hairdressers, camping ground, funeral directors, registered.

    • Scope of operations

      Use this form to let Council know exactly what your food business does. Note: complete this form along with an application for registration Food Act 2014.

  • Funding

    • Community Wellbeing Trust Fund application

      Waikato District Community Wellbeing Trust funding is available for capital projects throughout the Waikato district. The application must also demonstrate broad community support for the project.

    • Creative Communities Fund application

      This funding is available for projects happening in the Waikato District Council area.

    • Discretionary Grants Fund application

      Waikato District Council Discretionary Grants funding is available for projects happening in Huntly, Taupiri, Raglan, Tuakau or Ngaruawahia and the rural wards of the Waikato district.

    • Heritage Project Fund application

      The heritage fund is for projects that align with the heritage strategy and promote heritage that is for the betterment of the wider community.

  • HAIL reports

    • HAIL application form

      Apply for a Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL) report. Note: HAIL reports take 10 working days to process.

    • Site history checklist

      Use this checklist so Council can assess the potential for contamination on the site for the purpose of a building consent and/or resource consent.

  • Hall hire

  • Housing for the elderly

    • Application for housing for the elderly

      Apply for housing for the elderly.

    • Eligibility criteria for housing for the elderly

      Use this criteria to see if you would qualify for housing for the elderly in the Waikato district.

    • Medical certificate

      Submit a medical certificate when applying for housing for the elderly.

  • Libraries

    • Renew a library book

      Don’t think you will finish reading your books before they are due back to the library? Don't worry, you can renew your library book online.

    • Request a new library item

      If our libraries do not currently hold an item that you are keen to access, you can make a request for it to be purchased by Waikato District Libraries using this online form.

    • Waikato District Libraries group membership form

      Apply for a group membership to the district’s libraries.

    • Waikato District Libraries membership application

      Apply to be a member of the district’s libraries.

  • Noise control

    • Application for return of seized and impounded equipment

      Apply to have your seized and impounded equipment returned.

    • Seized and impounded property part payment agreement

      Use this form to enter into an agreement with Council to part-pay for seized and impounded property. Note: property is not recoverable until the full fee has been paid.

  • Official or personal information

    • Request for official or personal information

      Request official or personal information under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 and the Privacy Act 1993.

  • Parking

    • Submit a parking infringement explanation

      Use this online form if you would like to make an explanation regarding a parking infringement, this can be made within 28 days of receiving the notice.

  • Planning and resource consents

    • Affected persons written approval for permitted boundary activities

      Apply to give permission for boundary activities to take place. This form must be completed when applying for a Permitted Boundary Activity.

    • Affected persons written approval for resource consent (landuse and subdivision consents)

      Apply to give permission for activities subject to a resource consent to take place.

    • Application for change or cancellation of consent condition

      Apply for a change or cancellation of a consent condition.

    • Application for extension of a lapsing period for a resource consent - editable

      Apply for an extension of a lapsing period for a resource consent.

    • Application for outline plan – outline plan waiver

      Apply for an outline plan or outline plan waiver.

    • Application for permitted boundary activity

      Apply for permitted boundary activity.

    • Application for resource consent (landuse) or fast-track resource consent

      Apply for a land use consent or to fast-track a resource consent.

    • Application for resource consent subdivision

      Apply for a resource consent for your subdivision.

    • Lodgement of Notice of Objection to Resource Consent Matters

      Use this form to formally object to a Decision to decline/Conditions of Consent/Additional costs incurred over and above the lodgement fee/Returned application under S88/Submission Strike Out

    • Request for pre-application advice

      Request to have a Council staff member give advice prior to applying for a resource consent.

  • Property information

  • Rates

    • Application for easy pay (direct debit)

      Apply to pay your rates the easy way. Fill in this form, return it to us and payments from your chosen bank account will automatically be made on time.

    • Apply to receive your rates invoice by email

      Sign up to receive your rates invoice by email

    • Objection to valuation form

      Use this form to object a property’s valuation.

    • Rates rebate application form

      Apply for a rates rebate for the 2017/2018 financial year.

    • Request for rates information

      Request for rates information if you are re-financing or selling your property.

    • Request for rates reminder

      Request to be reminded that your rates are due one week out from due date.

    • Request to suppress personal information

      Request to have your personal information (including the property’s valuation, name of the property owner and their postal address) supressed from the rating information database.

  • Resited buildings

    • Application for inspection of building to be resit

      Apply to have a relocated building inspected and a short report provided detailing what must be done to bring it up to a minimum visual standard before it is moved.

  • Roading

    • A1 preliminary notification of project works in the road

      Notify us of proposed work within the road boundary.

    • A3 corridor access request

      Apply to gain access to the area from boundary fence to boundary fence.

    • A9 works completion notice

      Use this form to let us know that the approved work within the road boundary is complete.

    • Application for a no spray zone

      Apply to have a no spray zone on the roadside verge outside your property.

    • Application for livestock dairy crossing unit

      Apply for a permit so dairy livestock can cross a Council road. If not dairy livestock, refer to ‘ Application for livestock moving permit’.

    • Application for livestock moving permit

      Use this form when you want to move livestock regularly along one or more public roads and/or take non-dairy stock directly across a road in order to access different parts of the same property, or from one property to another.

    • Application for RAPID number

      Apply for a RAPID (Rural Address Property Identification) or urban street number.

    • Application for stock underpass

      Apply to have a stock underpass installed. This form also outlines details around building consents and the subsidy available from Council for installing a stock underpass.

    • Application for temporary fence

      Apply to put a fence between the road reserve boundary on Council roads. Note: use of iron waratahs, concrete posts and barbed wire for temporary roadside fences is prohibited.

    • Application for temporary road closure

      Apply for temporary closure of a road to hold a motorsport event. Note: This application must be submitted to Council at least three months prior to the proposed event.

    • Application for vehicle entranceway (driveway)

      Apply for a new, upgraded or relocated driveway.

    • Road crash reporting form

      Use this form to report a road crash

    • Traffic Management Plan form (long)

      Use this form to complete a traffic management plan for larger scale work such as stop/go. Submit it to

    • Traffic Management Plan form (short)

      Use this form to complete a traffic management plan for work such as shoulder closure. Submit it to

  • Water and utilities

    • Application for connection to water supply

      Apply to connect to Council’s water supply.

    • Application for trade waste discharge

      Apply to discharge trade waste either temporarily, a new discharge, renewal of a consent or a variation to an existing consent.

    • Application to disconnect from water supply

      Apply to disconnect from the Council water supply, either the rural reticulated scheme or once a building has been removed or demolished.

    • Application to remove flow restrictor

      Apply to have a flow restrictor removed for a maximum of four months.

    • Application to take water from hydrants

      Apply to take water from a Waikato District Council fire hydrant.

    • Connection to wastewater scheme

      Apply to connect to a Council wastewater scheme. Note: this must be accompanied by an application for building consent and an inspection must be called for as soon as the wastewater connection has been made.