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Purchase order and contract payments

When entering into a business transaction with you, it is our responsibility to supply you with a valid purchase reference. This can be in the form of a purchase order (PO) number, or Contract number.

It is your responsibility not to supply goods and/or services unless you receive a valid purchase reference except in an emergency works situation. We use automated systems and as such will not be able to process your invoice for payment without a valid purchase reference.

If you have not received your purchase order or contract number please contact the person that you have been working with at Waikato District Council to request this information.

Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Waikato District Council’s purchase order standard terms and conditions contain the default terms and conditions which apply to all purchase orders unless otherwise agreed within the purchase order or contract.


Invoices for the previous month should be received by the 5th of the following month to allow enough time for processing.

The following requirements will help ensure that your invoice moves through our system without delay:

  • Invoice(s) requires our full name and address for processing. Please use:
    Waikato District Council,
    Private Bag 544,
  • Invoice(s) requires your full name and address
  • Invoice(s) requires your GST number
  • Invoice(s) requires a valid 9-character Waikato District Council purchase order number or 5-digit long Contract number in the format --/---.
  • Invoice(s) must contain the words ‘Tax Invoice’. ‘Invoice’ or ‘GST Invoice’ are not acceptable due to IRD requirements
  • Invoice(s) require your bank account details in order to make payments

Our preferred method is for invoice(s), statements or direct credit remittances to be emailed to us, please send it to

Note that if any of these requirements are not met, this could delay the processing of your invoice, which in turn may affect payment.