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Freedom camping public consultation is now open

Waikato District Council plans to introduce a new bylaw to manage issues associated with freedom camping. 

Under the Freedom Camping Act, Council can only restrict or prohibit areas where freedom camping can occur through a bylaw; it cannot prohibit freedom camping entirely. 

The Waikato District Council Freedom Camping Bylaw contains maps that show the proposed areas where freedom camping would be prohibited or restricted. 

The bylaw states freedom camping in self-contained vehicles can occur throughout the district except in prohibited areas. 

Restricted areas are locations where camping may occur subject to certain conditions. This could include restrictions on the number of freedom camping vehicles, specifying the maximum number of consecutive nights freedom camping may occur in the same area by the same camper(s), or requiring campers to be self-contained.

“Council is encouraging people to provide feedback on the proposed prohibited and restricted areas,” says Acting General Manager Customer Support, Roger MacCulloch. “We’d like to know what people think of the areas and restrictions we have suggested, and if there are any other areas that you know are having problems with freedom camping.”

Submissions must be received by 5pm, 27 May 2016.

Click here for more information about the proposed freedom camping bylaw.
For more information pleasecontact:
 Sheryl Flay
Senior Communications Advisor
Waikato District Council
07 824 8633