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Level 4 will continue until 11.59pm 24 August 2021

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Kia Kaha e hoa, 

We know this is a stressful time. We hope you are staying safe and looking after yourself, and your whānau. 

All council facilities will remain closed during Alert Level 4 but our phonelines are still open as per normal.

Check out our website for more updates around council services during level 4.

Support for you and your whānau 

We know Covid-19 can affect income along with mental health. For help, please refer to the below.

Financial assistance

  • Work and Income on 0800 559 009.

Foreign national in serious hardship

  • 0800 733 276 which is 0800 REDCROSS.

Food grants and social services 

Urgently needing food within the next 24-48 hours

Level 4

At Alert Level 4, you must stay home unless you are an essential worker, getting essential items or talking a walk around the block. Please follow public health measures and consider others around you.

  • If you’re sick, stay home
  • If you have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms, call your doctor or Healthline and get advice about being tested
  • You must wear a mask when you leave your home. 

For official updates and announcements, follow Unite against COVID-19 on Facebook or visit

When to get tested

📍 If you have been to a location of interest, or have symptoms: Remain calm and call Healthline 0800 358 5453 for advice on getting tested.

📍 If you haven’t been to a location of interest, but have been in contact with someone who has been to a location of interest: Please stay home in Alert Level 4 and monitor yourself for symptoms.

📍 If you live with someone who has been to a location of interest: Isolate, except as required to report and submit for testing. You need to isolate until the person who was at a location of interest has received a negative Day 5 test.

Keep updated with locations of interest here.

Remaining safe outdoors 

It's important you and your whānau exercise daily but there are a few rules and guidelines when you leave your house:

  • Low-risk activities only: care must be taken not to be injured and require medical care
  • Social distance (2m apart) at all times
  • All Council parks are open but playgrounds are closed
  • Dogs must remain on-leash at all times (including dog parks)
  • The Hakarimata track is closed
  • No water-based activities - that includes kayaking, boating and surfing
  • If you're doing activities outside, please wear a mask when you leave the house.
For the most up to date information about sport and recreation during

COVID-19 vaccinations have resumed

Vaccination sites will be operating under Alert Level 4 conditions. 

People aged 40 and over can now book their COVID-19 vaccine. Everyone (from age 12 upward) can start booking their vaccine from 1 September.

Go to to reserve your spot.

Once it’s your turn, you can get vaccinated at any time


Rubbish and recycling in the Waikato District

✔️ Most rubbish and recycling will be collected as per usual, apart from Raglan, where only food waste and rubbish bags will be collected (no recycling).

❌ All rubbish tips/transfer stations will be closed through Level 4 lockdown.

🙏 We ask you please rinse clean all recycling, to ensure our contractors, who sort by hand, can stay safe.