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Applications for Mayoral Disaster Relief Fund now open

If you have been affected by the impacts of Cyclone Gabrielle, relief may be available to you in the form of a fund set up to help those in need of support.

The Mayoral Disaster Relief Fund is open to Waikato District Council residents, ratepayers or small business owners, and not-for-profit organisations who have suffered financial hardship because of damages caused by Cyclone Gabrielle.

The Fund may be used to support and meet the needs of affected individuals, families, community organisations, small businesses and marae.

It can be used to provide financial support for:

  • Cleaning debris from properties where people are uninsured or underinsured
  • Supporting individuals/families faced with hardships as a result of the emergency
  • Assisting small businesses and farmers impacted by the cyclone
  • Assisting people with basic needs, household goods and personal items where the individual/family is uninsured or underinsured

The fund provides one-off assistance for extraordinary circumstances, where a real need can be shown.

Waikato District Council Mayor Jacqui Church says there are parts of the district, especially the northern area, that were hit hard by the cyclone.

“I think it’s generally well known that Port Waikato took a hammering and there are people there who are still not able to get back in their homes,” she says.

“But there are many others. Farmers for example may have lost crops or suitable land for stocking that will have major impacts on their businesses.

“There have been some who have been impacted by a slumped road who have had to make major adjustments to their live, and those who are still not connected via phone networks.

“If you need help, please apply for this fund.”

The closing date for applying to the fund is 14 March 2023.

Once closed, all applications will be assessed, and available funds will be allocated proportionately to applicants that meet the criteria. The amount granted will depend on the circumstances of the applicant.

For more details, and to apply, go to this page.