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New pontoon and gangway go in at Whaaingaroa Wharf

Aerial view of the new pontoon area

Exciting progress on the Whaaingaroa (Raglan) Wharf project has been made recently, with the installation of a new pontoon and gangway.

Waikato District Council Senior Project Manager Niall McGrath says the excitement of the day had to be balanced with a lot of careful planning and logistics.

“It was quite an operation. It’s a large pontoon, so each of the three pre-built pieces had to be delivered to site by truck, lifted into the water by crane, and then assembled out on the water using a barge to float them into place.

“Last week we installed the gangway, by lifting the three pre-built sections onto two piles by crane. This gangway is the section of walkway that will connect the pontoon to the eastern walkway.”

Raglan Community Board member Dennis Amoore says all the recent progress provides an exciting glimpse of the new look and feel of the wharf.

“It’s great to have such a visual piece of progress – we’re really starting to see what our new eastern wharf area will look like.”

Council’s General Manger - Service Delivery Megan May says the trick now will be having patience while the finishing touches are completed.

“I know people are itching to get out there and use the new pontoon, especially since it looks so close to completion – but there are still a few key parts to the process before we can open it to the public in May.

“In the upcoming weeks we will finish placing several hundred tonnes of volcanic paddock boulders to form a seawall, concreting the rocks in place, and pouring kerb and laying ashpalt for the eastern walkway and kayak ramp.

“We will also be constructing and installing handrail at the Dolphin Pier, which will be closed to the public during work. We expect this to take around three weeks, with the wider work on the wharf area wrapped up in mid- late May.”

This work is in addition to another wharf project, which includes a makeover for the western walkway.

“We are also currently in the process of finalising the consenting and design for the western walkway, a Government-funded project that will provide the community with additional access to the wharf, tidal stairs and a seating area.

“We expect to share the designs with the community later in the year so watch this space!”

More information about these projects is available at on the Council website. .

To see some footage of the pontoon and gangway being installed visit the Waikato District Council Facebook page.