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Private cemeteries and urupa

Ngaa urupaa paraiweti

A number of private cemeteries and Urupa exist within the Waikato district. The Waikato District Council is not directly involved in the functioning of these, however, we can set aside an area of a council cemetery for a denominational area. If you would like more information about the cemeteries in the Waikato district please phone 0800 492 452 or email

If the site is on Maaori owned land:

  • The interested party needs to go to the Maori Land Court and apply for the land (all or part) to be set aside as a reserve under s. 338 of the Maori Land Act 1993.

If the site is not on Maaori owned land (for example religious denominational burials on private land):

  • The interested party needs to go to the Ministry of Health to obtain approval to have the land set aside for burial purposes.

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