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Duty planner service

Ratonga a te kaiwhakamahere

Our duty planners can provide planning information such as zoning, rules relevant to that zone and advice on how to apply for resource consent(s) in order to facilitate development projects on specific properties. 

The duty planner does not deal with wind zones, interpret certificates of title, building consent enquiries, or future zone/rule changes.  For future zone/rule changes please phone 0800492452 and ask to be put through to the Strategic and Policy Planners.

Generally there is no cost associated with duty planner enquiries. However, for more complex or on-going enquiries that exceed 30 minutes, a charge of $145 per hour or as documented in the fees and charges manual may be incurred. The duty planner will advise you before charges start to be incurred.

What our Duty Planner can answer:

Our duty planners can answer enquiries on district plan rules (such as setbacks, earthworks, subdivision) policy overlays and zoning, assist in interpreting consent notices and existing consent conditions.

Please note:  As the district plan rules differ depending on the zone we cannot help people who do not have a specific property address.

You will need to provide a specific address and include as much information as possible about your query.

What our Duty Planner cannot answer:

  • Building consent enquires – please direct to Council’s Building Team.
  • Any public networks enquiries – i.e. roading, storm/wastewater
  • Building over pipes – a form can be found HERE.
  • Civil matters (such as trees on private property)
  • Private covenants / easements
  • Proposed District Plan queries regarding Hearings / Submission need to be directed to Council’s policy planners (

Please also check information on our website regarding District Plan rules and provisions.

How to contact a duty planner

Due to high workloads, as of 10 January 2022 duty planner enquiries will only have written advice circulated. An electronic meeting/phone call may occur but this will be case by case and at the discretion of the assigned planner.

You can request a duty planer to contact you via phone or email by clicking on the link and completing the online form or phoning 0800 492 452.

Contact a duty planner

A duty planner will then be in touch within five working days.