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Duty planner service

Ratonga a te kaiwhakamahere

Our District Plan helps us manage the development of the district. It contains rules that may affect you if you're building, subdividing, or making a development or land-use proposal. Our Duty Planners provide free advice on limited matters relating to the District Plan.

What our Duty Planner can answer:

Our Duty Planners can provide help with the following District Plan queries:

  • Confirmation of the zoning of a property
  • Confirmation of the rules relevant to a specific zone

Please note: The District Plan rules are different depending on the zoning of a property. This means that you will need to provide us with the address of the property you are enquiring about.

What our Duty Planner cannot answer:

We do not provide information relating to the following:

  • Interests registered on your Record of Title (e.g. covenants/easements/consent notices). We may hold copies of some consent notices. Please request this information through Councils customer portal.
  • Building consent enquires – please direct to Council’s Building Team:
  • Public infrastructure (i.e. roading, stormwater, wastewater, water supply)
  • Building over pipes – a form can be found here.
  • Wind zones
  • Civil matters (such as trees on private property)
  • Queries relating to the hearings or submissions on the Proposed District Plan. Please direct these enquiries to Council’s Policy Team (

How to contact a Duty Planner

You can request a Duty Planner to contact you via phone or email, by clicking on the link below and completing the online form. You can also phone 0800 492 452. You're also able to make a request at any of our Council offices.

Contact a duty planner

A Duty Planner will then be in touch within five working days of making a request.

As of 2 October 2023, duty planner in-person meetings are now available, please call 0800 492 452 (or visit any council office) to request an appointment.