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When your resource consent is processed, we assess the scale and significance of any adverse environmental effects associated with your proposal. In some cases the levels of these effects may require us to notify others about your proposal, prior to the final decision-making process.

 These decisions are based on the provisions of sections 95 – 95G of the Resource Management Act.

Notified resource consents can be either:

  • notified to the general public ('publicly notified')
  • notified only to affected parties ('limited notified').

If this happens, we will place a notice of the application in a newspaper and any affected persons will be notified individually. Alternatively, we might decide to notify only those we consider to be affected - and in this case, only those notified can make a submission on the application. We may hold a hearing if you or a submitter request one.

When the decision to notify your application on either a publicly notified or limited notified basis has been confirmed, we will request an additional deposit of $9,000.00 (Limited Notified) or $11,000.00 (Publicly Notified)which must be paid prior to the notification. At the end of the process, we will carry out a final reconciliation of the total processing costs.