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Raapihi me te Hangarua

​COVID-19 rubbish and recycling information

Rubbish and recycling collection services are running as normal in most areas. For Raglan, Xtreme Zero Waste has asked that you hold recycling clean  for the moment. We will update the Glen Murray community on whether their May recycling collection will take place.

As waste is an essential service and we want to ensure these services continue there are some changes to ensure our drivers and runners are safe so please place your waste and recycling to the kerbside in the following way:

All items are to be washed clean (wash it like you would your dishes) - this is due to our awesome contractors not being able to handle the items for their health and safety during this time.

Please put:

• Glass in one crate 

• Tins, cans and plastics (labelled 1, 2 and 5)in the other crate. 

• Secured and flattened cardboard/paper should go between or under a crate or in a cardboard box not in the crate.

If you only have one crate, please rotate your recycling. Glass one week and plastic, tins and cans the next week. 

Both Te Kauwhata and Huntly transfer stations are now closed to the public until further notice.

For more information on COVID-19 rubbish and recycling changes to your area please check below. 


Easter Update

If your recycling is still being collected make sure it’s really clean and sorted and if not, store it clean. If you only have one crate – put out glass one week and plastic, tins, and cans the next.

Here are your kerbside collection changes for Easter:

Everyone except Raglan – if your rubbish and recycling is normally collected on a Friday, this week it’ll be Saturday 11 April.

Following Easter Sunday, there is no collection on Monday 13 April, so all collections for the week will be one day later than normal.

Port Waikato’s collection remains on Sunday

Raglan – there is no change to your current lockdown rubbish and food waste kerbside collection schedule during Easter. Please continue to hold on to your clean recycling, Xtreme Zero Waste will let you know when they are able to collect it.

COVID-19 Update

As the Covid-19 situation progresses, please be patient and understanding should any changes occur - these will be communicated to you. 

To ensure the health and safety of our staff and our contractors, we are asking people to be more vigilant when it comes to putting out their waste and recycling.

Please don’t be offended if your recycling is not collected - Please sort and clean more diligently next week. 

Areas with changes to normal rubbish and recycling collection


Please ensure your wheelie bin lid is closed with the yellow tag on handle so our contractors can collect safely and without damaging bins. For our bag service, it is as normal with blue sticker for collection.

Glen Murray 

The monthly recycling drop off in April will be postponed until May. You will need store your recyclables for this period and they are ensure washed and clean.


Raglan kerbside collections- for foodwaste and pre-paid bags only are now as follows:

  • Existing Tuesday and Wednesday collections will now be Wednesdays
  • Existing Thursday and Friday collections will now be Fridays

Please keep all normally designated food scraps coming in. Ensure no wipes, tissues, fruit stickers, plastics or non-compostables are in your food bin.

Recycling- Xtreme Zero Waste is closed until further notice. This means you will need to store your recyclables (glass, plastics, aluminium cans, tin, paper and cardboard) until they can be collected and processed at a later date. 



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