Rubbish and recycling

Raapihi me te Hangarua

Refuse and recycling

Every day Waikato households throw away valuable resources.

In fact, 64 percent of the refuse we produce every year could be put to better use.

Glass can be recycled into road building materials; paper and cardboard can become newsprint or egg cartons; aluminium can be transformed into new aerosol and drink cans; while food scraps and green waste can produce compost to nurture our gardens and crops.

Our growing population and rising landfill costs means we cannot afford to continue throwing out these useful materials.

Waikato District Council’s goal is to work towards a ‘zero waste’ target, so on 1 July 2016 we introduced changes to our refuse and recycling services to help Waikato residents reduce the volume of waste they send to landfill. Less waste will save us all more in the long-run.

Download a guide to our rubbish and recycling services.

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