Rubbish and recycling collection days

Our goal - working towards zero waste for the Waikato district

Easter rubbish and recycling collection

Collection day changes over Easter:

Everyone except Raglan – if your recycling and rubbish is normally on a Friday, this week it’ll be Saturday, if it’s normally Monday it’ll be moved to Tuesday instead.

 Raglan – your collection is on Good Friday (remember this does not include recycling).

If your recycling is still being collected make sure it’s clean and sorted and if not store it clean. If you only have one crate, please rotate your recycling. Glass one week and plastic, tins and cans the next week.  

COVID-19 recycling collection updates

Glen Murray

The monthly Glen Murray recycling drop off in April will be postponed until May. We understand this is an inconvenience but it is to ensure that we are keeping you and our contractor safe. There is significant risk that a gathering of people will mean appropriate social distancing cannot be maintained.

You will need store your recyclables for this period and they are ensure washed and clean.


Xtreme Zero Waste is closed until further notice. This means you will need to store your recyclables (glass, plastics, aluminium cans, tin, paper and cardboard) until it can be collected and processed at a later date.

Raglan kerbside collections for foodwaste and pre-paid bags only are as follows:

◾️Existing Tuesday and Wednesday collections will now be Wednesdays
◾️Existing Thursday and Friday collections will now be Fridays

Please ensure you wash your recyclables thoroughly before storing them


View our collection days map below to find out the day of your rubbish and recycling collection.

What you need to know about rubbish and recycling:

  • Where available rubbish and recycling collections will be the same day each week
  • Rubbish bags and recycle bins must be out on the kerbside by 7.30am
  • There is no limit to the number of bags that can be put out each week however all bags must have a pre-paid blue sticker attached except for Raglan where a pre-paid bag must be used
  • Any bag up to 60L can be used for refuse except in Raglan where a pre-paid 60L or 25L bag must be used
  • A bag must not weigh more than 20kg
  • Rubbish collection is usually not provided on public holidays. This website, Facebook or your local newspaper will advertise any changes
  • Rubbish or recycling not collected? Phone us 0800 492 452
  • Need more information on rubbish and recycling in Raglan?  Visit Xtreme Waste website.


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