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Development contributions FAQs

What are Development Contributions?

A Development Contribution (DC) is a levy on new developments. They are collected under the Local Government Act 2002 and are there to ensure the costs of extra demand on council infrastructure from the development are not imposed on the community.

Development Contributions are assessed on:

  • roading and transport
  • water supply
  • wastewater
  • stormwater
  • community infrastructure
  • parks and reserves

Who pays them?

Development Contributions are usually paid for residential development (new houses), non-residential development (commercial, industrial or retail), subdivisions, new connections, and for certain changes of land use.

What is the money used for?

Development Contributions are used to provide new or expanded infrastructure such as roads, water supply and parks.

I think mine are too much, what can I do about it?

See the reconsideration process in section 12.2 (page 19) of the  2018 Development Contributions Policy. Or, view the objection process in section 199c of the Local Government Act 2002. Schedule 13A of the LGA outlines the process in detail.

I’ve already paid for a connection, why am I paying more money?

The connection fee is for the physical works only and not for the main pipes that have been built with capacity for new connections

I think Development Contributions were paid at subdivision stage so why am I paying again?

Council will check its records or if you have proof they were paid previously you provide that to Council.

Is there a Development Contribution credit on the property I'm looking at?

If there is an existing house it will have one credit for the services it has. New services, such as water supply or wastewater, trigger a Development Contribution. A commercial building will also have one credit and may have more if DC's were previously paid for. For more details see section 11.9 of the 2018 Development Contributions Policy.

I’m looking at setting up a new business / development – how do I find out if I have to pay Development Contributions and how much they are?

I can’t afford to pay the Development Contributions at subdivision stage until I sell some sections; what can I do?

We will not consider postponements of contributions payable under the policy

I don’t get water, wastewater or stormwater, so why should I pay any Development Contributions?

Your development will still use council roads and parks and reserves so you need to pay your share to develop these.

I have to put all the services into my development so why do I still have to pay council more money?

Development Contributions are for your share of the cost of the trunk services, treatment plants and roads that your development connects to.

Do I pay Development Contributions for an additional dwelling on the property?


This depends on the following

Is it 30.00 square metres or less?

Then 0.5 Household Equivalent Unit (HEU) is payable for the development contributions in the relevant catchment for the services that are provided.

Is it 30.01 square metres or larger?

Then development contributions will be charged at 1 HEU for the services provided in the relevant catchment.