Fees and charges

Ngaa Utu

Fees and charges are used to assist the operation and maintenance of a variety of services provided to the community.

We set fees and charges on a user-pays basis to ensure that rate increases are kept to a minimum where possible. 

Fees and charges are reviewed on an ongoing basis. All fees are GST inclusive unless otherwise stated.

Council’s financial year runs from 1 July – 30 June.

Please note: Some water and refuse charges have been updated (August 2019). Each year the council undertakes a process to set rates and other charges (known as the Annual Plan process). This year we’ve introduced a new part fee and charge for those ratepayers that connect to specific council services after 1 July. These changes will mean that anyone that builds a new dwelling after 1 July will pay for the services their property receives (e.g. waste water, storm water, rubbish) through fees and changes, rather than rates, until rates are struck on their property in the following financial year. You will receive an invoice from Council following granting of your Code Compliance Certificate (CCC). Rates are only struck once a year.

Previous fees and charges