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Climate change is a challenging issue. Its impacts are being felt across the world, affecting people, nature and the economy. We need to reduce our emissions and prepare for the changes ahead. 

We recognise the significance and impacts of climate change.  And we want to make sure that we are resilient and can adapt to the changing climate, and minimise the impact on our communities. 

Working together

Everyone living in the Waikato district needs to work together to protect our environment so it is a safe, clean place to live and its natural resources are maintained for and by future generations. 

Our contribution to this goal sees our Council working alongside Waikato Regional Council, using measures like water conservation and management, providing rubbish collection services and by monitoring resource consents. Combined with environmental protection work carried out by other organisations, groups and the community, we aim to ensure the long-term sustainability of environment’s sustainability.

As our district is within the Waikato region, we need to be aware of and respect the Maaori world view in relation to protecting our environment. Find out more about our environment and iwi in our district.

We also include a focus on environmental protection and sustainability in the economic development of our district.

      Tell us what's happening

      Request a service to report any activities you see or situations you notice which you think might place the environment at risk. For example, if you see organic waste or fill being dumped in Council reserves; or if you have noticed rubbish or liquid waste in our waterways.