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Working together

Everyone living in the Waikato district needs to work together to protect our environment so it is a safe, clean place to live and its natural resources are maintained for and by future generations. 

Our contribution to this goal sees our Council working alongside Waikato Regional Council, using measures like water conservation and management, providing rubbish collection services and by monitoring resource consents. Combined with environmental protection work carried out by other organisations, groups and the community, we aim to ensure the long-term sustainability of environment’s sustainability.

As our district is within the Waikato region, we need to be aware of and respect the Maaori world view in relation to protecting our environment. Find out more about our environment and iwi in our district.

We also include a focus on environmental protection and sustainability in the economic development of our district.

What we are doing

We provide objectives, policies and rules that protect our environment through the District Plan and we also:

  • Liaise with Waikato Regional Council
  • Provide wastewater collection and disposal services in all our towns
  • Promote sustainable stormwater management on new developments
  • Monitor and control water usage over the summer period
  • Issue resource and subdivision consents with conditions to protect the environment
  • Monitor resource consents to check conditions are being complied with
  • Follow up complaints about potentially unconsented activities (or refer complainants to Waikato Regional Council if appropriate)
  • Provide recycling/refuse transfer stations in Huntly, Raglan, Tuakau and Te Kauwhata
  • Provide rubbish collection services in most parts of the district including domestic rubbish collections; domestic recycling collections; and annual inorganic waste collections
  • Provide free disposal of domestic quantities of hazardous waste at refuse stations
  • Encourage our staff to recycle and make our offices more sustainable.

What you can do

  • Recycle whenever you can.
  • Purchase products with minimal or recyclable packaging.
  • Conserve water, particularly when restrictions are imposed. Use energy-efficient lighting and heating.
    Use a garden bag collection company, or recycle kitchen and garden waste into a compost bin or worm farm.
  • Remove invasive or noxious weeds from your property to prevent them spreading.
  • Talk to our staff before undertaking earthworks, to see if consents are required (note that consents may be required from both the Waikato District Council and Waikato Regional Council).
  • Walk, bike, car pool or use public and passenger transport when possible.

Tell us what's happening

Request a service to report any activities you see or situations you notice which you think might place the environment at risk. For example, if you see organic waste or fill being dumped in Council reserves; or if you have noticed rubbish or liquid waste in our waterways.