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Documentation to collect as you go

When your resource or building consent is issued it will include some conditions which you will need to meet. These conditions may include providing documentation to us. Below is a list of some of the documentation you may need to collect as you go.

Subdivision consents

  • Producer statements
  • As built plans
  • Completion Certificate
  • Engineering Plans
  • Remedial Report eg RAP
  • Ecological Report

Land use consents

  • Construction Management Plans
  • Erosion Sediment Control Plans
  • Ecological Plans
  • Earthworks Management Plans
  • Noise Management Plans
  • Fencing – definition of a stock proof fencing

Building consents

  • In order for the Code Compliance Certificate to be issued there will be certain documentation required, a list of the documentation can be found on the Building Certificate – Form 5 which is issued with the building consent.
  • The documentation in general is Producer Statements, Certificates or memorandums etc.
  • It is best practice to have all the documentation in order prior to the Code Compliance Certificate Inspection being done.