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Making a change to a building consent

For all changes to the approved building consent plans and specifications, it is important that these changes are approved in writing by the owner and the designer before submitting the altered plans to Council, and before any changes are made to the building. This may also be affected by district plan requirements.

For examples of minor variations and major amendments, see the Building System Performance (MBIE) website.

NOTE: Don’t be confused by MBIE’s terminology of Major Variation. Just focus on whether or not the change is major or minor and what is required.

Amendments made AFTER the building consent has been granted

If the change is considered MAJOR, it is an amendment (often called a major amendment, or just an amendment) and you will need to fill in a new Building Consent Application and provide all the associated plans and documentation. If the changes involve Restricted Building Work you will also need to supply a Certificate of Design Work from the designer. An amendment is treated as if it is a new building consent application – as required by section 45(4) (b) the Building Act 2004.

  • The application must meet the same documentation requirements as any application for a Building Consent, including any Plans, specifications, Certificate of design works or PS1 required for changes to the designs.
  • Council has 20 days to process the amendment (from the receive date).

Minor variations made AFTER the building consent has been granted – Onsite

These do not need to be submitted on the BC application (Form 2) but can be signed off on-site.

Major variations received BEFORE the building consent is granted

These could be treated as further information dependent upon the scale of the proposed amendment, where the building consent has been processed and amendments are submitted considered a substantial re-design (works that will require reprocessing and/or additional processing time) If the Building Consent has not been granted, the applicant should withdraw the previous application and submit a new Building Consent application.