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Prepare building consent

Your building consent application needs to include plans and specifications to show how you intend to construct, alter, demolish or remove a building. Building consents are issued if your application shows that the finished project would comply with the Building Code.

We recommend getting professional help with the technical requirements of your application so your consent can be processed faster – saving you money.

Download the guide to applying for a building consent

If you need help understanding the building consent process, check out

Your application will need to include:

  • An accurate description of the project, including all work involved in the project. Ensuring the most relevant application form version is completed. Download a copy of the lodgment checklist to make sure you have provided all relevant information. Incomplete applications will lead to delays.

  • Where Building consents are lodge digitally “On-line building consent submissions ensuring lodgements are made in the correct format and bookmarked accordingly will ensure a smother lodgement process. Download our online submission guide.

  • Drawings need to be drawn to a professional standard with an appropriate scale and clarity. Drawings with all dimensions provided and details cross-referenced. If supported by a producer statement, the plans and drawings must also be signed by the design specialist. Drawings will ideally show:
    • drawing number and title
    • designer's name
    • address of property
    • date.
  • You also need to include all the necessary information relevant to you project. Where relevant, provide product certification and manufacturers' specifications, details about design drawings, products certificates, and producer statements. Provide construction specifications in all cases, construction specification must be relevant to the proposed project.

Restricted Building Work

Where the proposed works are Restricted Building Work (RBW), the designer and/or engineer each need to complete and sign a Memorandum/Certificate of Design Work (CoW) for the work they are designing.

Licensed Building Practitioners

Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) are the only people allowed to supervise or carry out Restricted Building Work. LBP details must be provided to council before the work starts on site. If you know who the LBPs are for your project you can list them on the application form or you can register their details later however site inspection will not be available for booking until all required LBPS have been supplied.

Producer statements

Design engineers who provide a producer statement – design (PS1) must also provide design calculations, specifications and construction details.