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Matariki Online Competition


Ngaa mihi o Matariki, te tau hou Maaori!

 Waikato District Libraries are celebrating Matariki with our annual Matariki Online Competition!

This year there will be three age groups

  • Child 5-9
  • Youth 10-15
  • Adult 16+

Two categories

  • Picture: Create a picture to be printed on to a clock that reflects what Matariki means to you.
  • Write a Matariki themed poem 

The winning poems will be displayed in our libraries.

Again, after the success of entries from schools last year we will be offering two school prizes this year.

For each child that enters and writes down their school name, they will go in to a draw to win a $300 Whitcoulls voucher for their school. They do not have to have a winning entry.                                                   

Date guide for reference

  • Monday 27th May competition opens
  • Friday 28th June competition closes
  • Friday 5th July – Winners announced


  • Winners - $100 gift voucher
  • Clock design winners will also receive a clock printed with their design
  • School winner x 2 - $300 Whitcoulls voucher

 Download your entry form below, or pick one up from your nearest Waikato District Library.

This competition is open to all Waikato District residents, ratepayers, and students of schools/education providers located within Waikato District.

What is Matariki?

Matariki is the Maaori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in late May or early June in the Eastern sky. For many Maaori, it signals the start of a new year.

Matariki, in te reo, means the ‘eyes of god’ (mata ariki) or ‘little eyes’ (mata riki).

In ancient times, this was the end of harvest and was a time of plenty for Maaori, a time of sharing and celebration.

For many, Matariki is seen as a good time to reflect on personal goals: Where am I? Where do I want to be? What’s it going to take for me to get there?

Books available at our libraries
At present, our libraries have the following books available about Matariki which may be of some assistance to you:

  • Kai Stars of Matariki: Tipuanuku and Tipuarangi, - Kamo, Miriama,
  • Dinner with Grandpa - Whalley-Torckler, Gillian,
  • Te pīkari pipi - Belcher, Angie,
  • Matariki: The Star Of The Year - Matamua, Rangi,
  • Matariki : te whetū tapu o te tau - Matamua, Rangi,
  • Matariki : the Māori New Year - Hakaraia, Libby,
  • Celebrating Matariki - Hakaraia, Libby,
  • Te kāhui o Matariki : contemporary Māori art of Matariki - Hakaraia, Libby,
  • The seven stars of Matariki - Rolleston-Cummins, Toni,
  • Te Huihui o Matariki – Rolleston-Cummins, Toni,
  • Matariki - Drewery, Melanie,
  • Daniel's Matariki feast - Beyer, Rebecca,
  • Tā Daniel Hākari Matariki - Beyer, Rebecca,
  • Ngā manu tukutuku e whitu o Matariki - McClintock, Calico,
  • Matariki - Holt, Sharon,
  • He aroha pūmau tētahi ki tētahi : he kōrero mō Matariki - Hall, Xoë,
  • The little Kiwi's Matariki - Slade-Robinson, Nikki,
  • The seven kites of Matariki - McClintock, Calico,
  • He Whakataki Whetu : te haerenga matariki a rupene - Davis, Jenny,
  • In search of the stars : Ruben's matariki journey - Davis, Jenny,
  • Tāwhirimātea : a song for Matariki - Pitman-Hayes, June,
  • Ngā whetū Matariki i whānakotia - Kamo, Miriama,
  • The stolen stars of Matariki - Kamo, Miriama,
  • Celebrating Matariki : a story from New Zealand - MacGregor, Jill,
  • Twinkle, twinkle Matariki = Tirama, tirama Matariki, - Larsen, Rebecca
  • Te kī taurangi a puanga : he pūrākau Matariki - Wadsworth, Kirsty,
  • The promise of Puanga : a story for Matariki - Wadsworth, Kirsty, author.
  • Ko Flit, te Tīrairaka, me te mahere Matariki - Merewether, Katherine Q,
  • Flit the Fantail and the Matariki map - Merewether, Katherine Q,
  • Te Kāhui o Matariki / Holt, Sharon, author, lyricist.
  • Ngā tai whakarongorua = encounters : te pātū kōwaiwai kiritangata Ki Toi Te Papa = the portrait wall at Toi Art Te Papa / Rice, Rebecca, 1974- author.
  • Matariki – Parkinson, Kristen
  • Puanga me Matariki – Holt, Sharon
  • Te KōKōrangi: te aranga o Matariki – Ihimaera, Witi
  • The Astromancer: the rising of Matariki – Ihimaera, Witi
  • Matariki around the world: a cluster of stars, a cluster of stories – Matamua, Rangi
  • Kua Whetūrangaitia a koro – Te Paa, Brianne
  • How my koro became a star – Te Paa, Brianne