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Order a Record of Title

Tono he taitara tuhinga

One of the most common reasons people get a Record of Title (formerly known as Certificate of Title) is when they are buying a property. A Certificate of Title allows you to check a property for any restrictions or allowances that may supersede the normal zone rules, such as consent notices, covenants, easements or encumbrances.

How to order a Record of Title

Record of title are held at Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) where they can be ordered online.

Order from LINZ now

It is cheaper to order directly from LINZ however you can indicate on your application for a LIM, Resource Consent or Building Consent that you wish Council to obtain a Record of Title from LINZ.


The cost of a Record of Title is $50.00, if obtained from the Waikato District Council rather than obtained from LINZ).